Top Tourist Places To Visit In South Odisha

Odisha is a delightful paradise for adventure enthusiasts and rewards those who want to explore off-the-beaten-track to the fullest. It is the home to great archaeological wonders, fascinating tribal culture and spectacular natural beauty. This state has a combination of an old-fashioned sprinkling of sand and sun.

When it comes to exploration of travel delights, the sightseeing wonders and adventure activities of South Odisha are hard to beat. There are plentiful places in South Odisha that worth a visit at least once in a lifetime. Here are some of the best places you should consider visiting in South Odisha:

Maa Kalijai Temple

Kalijai Temple Chilika

Maa Kalijai Temple located in Lake Chilika. It’s a popular sightseeing destination in Odisha and the home to the Goddess Kalijai. Lake Chilika is well-known as the best ecosystem with large fishery resources. It hosts over 160 bird species during the peak migratory season.

You will find thousands of bird species migrated from as far as the Caspian Sea, Lake Baikal, Aral Sea etc. So what are you waiting for? Plan your visit to the Maa Kalijai Temple today.

Nalbana Bird Sanctuary

Nalbana Bird Sanctuary Odisha

Nalbana Island or Nalbana Bird Sanctuary is the coral space of Ramsar designated wetlands of Lake Chilika. It is a famous bird sanctuary in Odisha. When you are in the heart of the sanctuary, you can see thousands of bird species descending during the migratory season.

However, the island disappears during the monsoon because of inundation to emerge again in post monsoon. The high vegetated areas of the lake support jacanas, moorhens, coots, pond herons, night herons along the shores with rollers and kingfishers too.

Narayani Temple

Narayani Temple Khalikote, Odisha

Narayani Temple is dedicated to ten armed goddess Lakshmi or Narayani. This temple is located in Narayani Village near Khalikote, Odisha, India. It’s famous for Durga Puja and a fair hosted in the Indian month of Chaitra. This temple is famed for the scenic beauty of the magnificent countryside like the Lake Chilika.


Satapada - Bay of Bengal and Chilika Lake

Satapada is located at the meeting point of the Bay of Bengal and Chilika Lake. It’s based on the southeastern region of the famous Chilika lagoon. The word “Satapada” means seven villages; so the name Satapada implies a group of seven communities. It provides the opportunities for seeing an unforgettable sunrise and sunset.

In addition to, Satapada is the home to the Irrawaddy dolphin (Orcaella brevirostris). When you are in South Odisha, dolphin sightseeing tour in Satapada is a must.

Taratarini Temple

Taratarini Temple Ganjam Odisha

Based on the Kumari hills, Taratarini Temple is located at the bank of River Rushikulya, near the Silk City – Brahmapur in Ganjam District Odisha India. It’s worshipped as the Breast Shrine and the manifestations of Adi Shakti.

The Taratarini Shakti Peetha is well-known as one of the oldest pilgrimage centers of the Mother Goddess. It’s one of four ancient Tantra Peetha and Shakti Peethas in India.

Gopalpur Sea Beach

Gopalpur Sea Beach Brahmapur Odisha

Located 16 kilometers away from Brahmapur, Gopalpur Sea Beach is a spectacular retreat for avid beach enthusiasts. From clear blue waters to golden sands, this beach has everything that appeals to visitors.

Apart from a sun-kissed beach, Gopalpur sea beach offers unique sightings of its past glory as a commercial port. The crumbling walls and pillars of an ancient jetty can be still seen on the beach.


Taptapani hot sulfur water spring

Taptapani is well-known for its hot sulfur water spring located up close to Mohana – a town situated 16 kilometers away from Gajapati district. The hot water from this natural spring is attributed with medicinal properties. You can take a bath in at the pond created next to the hot spring. The hot spring is located at the eastern slope of the eastern Ghat at the crest of the hill within the lush green forest boasting comprehensive ranges of flora and fauna. The attractions of Taptapani include the tribal communities and the picturesque landscape. You will find a deer park that is maintained by the forest department.

Padmasambhava Mahavihara Monastery

Padmasambhava Mahavihara Monastery Chandragiri Gajapati

The Padmasambhava Mahavihara Monastery is also known as Thupten Mindrolling Monastery located in Chandragiri, Gajapati district. The main monastery belongs to the Ripa Lineage. It’s said to be the largest Buddhist monastery in Eastern India.

This colony houses the monastery is known as Buddha Vihar – the land of happiness and plenty and is popularly known as a mini Tibet in Odisha. It was inaugurated by Dalai Lama in 2010 and built as per the Atanpuri style of Nalanda. In the assembly hall, you will find a 23 foot high Lord Buddha idol along with his two disciples.


Jiranga - Tours Place in Odisha India

Jiranga is the tourist spot in south Odisha’s Gajapati district. It is shot to fame for the opening of South Asia’s biggest monastery by Dalai Lama which has added another feature to its cap. It’s a modern monastery and plays a key role in research on the origin of Buddhism.

The monastery has an excellent library on Buddhism. Therefore, different scholars visit the monastery to study on Budha and Buddhism.

Khasada Waterfall

Khasada Waterfall Odisha

Khasada waterfall is one of the beautiful waterfalls in Odisha. This is located in Gajapati district, Odisha. Though this place is very small, you will get stunning views to treasure. A waterfall is a perfect place for a picnic.

You will enjoy seeing a beautiful sight of the waterfall and rolling hills. All cool and quiet nature along with singing birds works like an excellent catalyst for an unforgettable experience.

Gandahathi Waterfall

Gandahathi Waterfall Odisha

Gandahati name suggests that large herds of elephants inhabited it. However, now it’s a beautiful waterfall that deserves a visit. Its silence and sighting are beguiling. It’s a picnic spot for those who search pleasure from far and year. Visitors continue visiting there throughout the year because of the perennial water source.

Maa Majhi Ghariani Temple

Maa Majhi Ghariani Temple Rayagada Odisha

Maa Majhi Gharini Temple is a significant shrine of Devi in the Rayagada township of Odisha. Thousands of devotees visit the temple for darshan and give their commitment to the achievement of their desires. It’s a famous shrine that appeals to people from Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh along with people from Odisha also.

The legend says that Devi has worshipped over centuries. This temple appeals to a large crowd from the nearby area every Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday. However, Dussehra in October and Chaitra Parva in March-April are famous here. Devotees with unfulfilled wishes come here and stay for many days of worship.

Sabar Srikhetra Koraput

Sabar Srikhetra Koraput Odisha

Shri Jagannath Temple is popularly known as “Shabara Shrikshetra” located in Koraput, Odisha. This temple is built like an altar for worship and a multipurpose space for Jagannath consciousness. Jagannath consciousness is the central theme of Jagannath that can’t be confined within the limits of a traditional religious, theological order as it’s a cult.

Duduma Waterfalls

Duduma Waterfalls Odisha

Duduma is 157.5 meters high glittering waterfall in the Macchakund River. This sighting of the waterfall abounds in dense deciduous kind forests. The stunning topography makes the sight more beautiful by its gurgling array of the stream.

Duduma has two sub waterfalls; one drops down in Andhra Pradesh and another one in Odisha. Most people that often visit Odisha know that the state is well-known for its tribal culture. They would be surprised to know that the “Bondas” that is an important tribe live up close to this enigmatic waterfall.

Kolab Dam

Kolab Dam Koraput

Attracting travelers from all around the world, Kolab Dam is the spectacular nature retreat that fills the hearts of tourists with unforgettable experiences to cherish forever. The green-clad hills and freshwater lakes make this place a treat of nature for every travel enthusiast.

It is located at an altitude of around 3000 ft. above sea level on Kolab River, the Kolab Reservoir is present that generates Hydro Electric Power. This place is highly admired for its serene natural beauty that appeals to people for weekend picnic and boating. It is only twenty kilometers away from Koraput.

Lord Gupteswar Temple

Lord Gupteswar Temple in Odisha

World-renowned for authenticity as an undiscovered shrine in a cave is the Lord Gupteswar Temple in Odisha. Located in the Koraput District, this temple is a famous sightseeing attraction because of the presence of huge Shiva Lingam that increases in size as per local belief.

Lord Gupteswar Temple is situated around 55 km away from Jeypore and is renowned as a popular pilgrimage site in Odisha. Apart from this, the limestone cave is a fantastic place of worship during the Indian month of Shravan. The heavily wooded valley all around is a heaven for the adventure enthusiasts.


Mahendragiri Mountain in Odisha

Mahendragiri is a mountain peak located in Paralakhemundi subdivision of Gajapati District in Odisha, India. It’s situated amongst the Eastern Ghats at an elevation of 1,501 meters (4,925 ft). Mahendragiri hill and its surrounding areas are well-recognized as a biodiversity hotspot for several medicinal plants and much more.

A paradise for medicinal plants, Mahendragiri Hills, a part of the Eastern Ghats is the home to over 600 flowering plants. The faunal diversity of the region is diverse and specifically known for being a herpetofaunal hotspot.

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