Exciting Offer on Nagaraj Bus by ODBUS for Burla and Bhubaneswar Route

Burla is one of the hidden treasures of Odisha that lies in the western part in the Sambalpur District is famous for the Sambalpur University. Burla boasts a wide range of local attractions that keeps people entertained throughout their vacation. From visiting eminent attractions in Burla to engaging in a variety of stimulating activities, you get an opportunity to explore a list of incredible things during your visit to the city. Be it historical monuments, recreational places, natural sites, or adventurous activities, thorough entertainment is guaranteed during your Burla trip.

Some of the places that you can visit in and around Burla include Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary, Pataneswari Temple, Gandhi Park, Balunkeswar Temple, Right Dyke, Zero point, Shiv Temple trek (On top of a Hill) and Jagannath Temple.

Whether you are planning a leisure trip to Burla with friends from Bhubaneswar or you are making a hometown visit to Burla from Bhubaneswar this summer book bus tickets with ODBUS and get a summer travel offer price i.e. a discount up to Rs. 150/- only on Nagaraj Bus. What you need to do is use our coupon code ODSUMMER. The offer is valid up to 25th April, so book tickets to Burla along with the return ticket to Bhubaneswar in advance to avail this fantastic offer.

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