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A commercially acclaimed city of Odisha, Balangir is also rich in cultural heritage. The panoramic view of this incredible city makes it one of the top tourist attractions in the state. Also, one can find a large number of ancient temples and shrines along with indigenous tribes dwelling here since time immemorial. The history of the city is also quite glorified as it was the capital of Patnagarh, a princely state once upon a time!

Jalia, a village in Balangir is surrounded by dense forests offers great trekking adventures. Gaikhai yet another picturesque valley with verdant hills on three sides is a perfect tourist spot in Balangir. You can find diverse tourist attractions in the city that includes palaces, parks, temples, shrines, ashrams, lakes and more. Among the various palaces, the Sailashree Palace which was once the residence of the royal family of Balangir is considered to be the best. Karanga Kata, one of the oldest lakes of Odisha can be found here, which is another great spot for tourism in the city. Then there is Anand Niketan at Khujenpali for spiritual experience and Rajendra Park, a century-old park adorned by a wide variety of roses.

And there are many religious places as well like Maa Pataneswari Temple, Gopaljee Temple, Laxmi Narayan Temple, Harishankar Temple, Maa Samaleswari Temple, Lokanath Baba Temple, Jogeswar Shiva Temple in Jogisnadra, Sunni Masjid at Tikrapara, and a Roman Catholic Church at Rugudi Pada.

If you are a shopaholic, then you can find authentic Sambalpuri sarees, dress materials and bed sheets here. And for all the foodies especially the ones with sweet tooth trying out the labanglata, chhena gaja, arisa pitha and chhena poda of Balangir is a must! You can also find delicious snacks like chakuli pitha, pithau bhaja, gulgula and chaula bara here that cannot be resisted!

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