5 Useful Tips to Consider Before Booking Bus Ticket Online

Post COVID-19 lockdown, India is adapting to the new normal. With a little ease in restrictions, India gets ready to be the part of the post-COVID-19 world. The new India sees government restrictions, social distance, and hygienic standards infused in all the activities everyone does.

When booking a bus ticket online, you should take care of a few important things to ensure safety while traveling. Here are some of them discussed below before you book bus tickets online:

  1. Focus on cleanliness and sanitization. 

The first and foremost thing you have to consider prior to online bus ticket booking is the cleanliness of the bus. Every bus operator focuses on proper sanitization, thorough cleaning and disinfecting. They follow comprehensive travel safety programs post COVID-19.

  1. Focus on precautionary measures. 

Most bus operators throughout Odisha have implemented precautionary safety measures that include sanitization of buses and mandatory masks as well as hand sanitizers in all the buses. They undergo temperature checks of staff regularly. You should check whether your bus follows precautionary measures post COVID-19.

  1. Focus on the right destination. 

Remember that, no safety measure would work well ever if your chosen destination doesn’t come under the Coronavirus-free zone. Even if you have a slight risk of catching the virus, you should postpone your journey.

You can seek for help from government recommended apps and helpline numbers to stay updated on the status of coronavirus impact on your destination.

  1. Know whether there are limited number of passengers onboard.

During the journey, social distancing and other safety norms are mandatory. Make sure that the bus you are traveling has limited number of passengers onboard. You should check it before booking bus tickets online and confirm the number of vacant seats around your preferred seat.

  1. Know whether you can track the bus schedule.

Like everyone, you don’t want to be a part of the crowd or stand out in the public places for long time post COVID-19. Therefore, you should ensure that there’s an alternative to track your bus schedule. So you won’t need to wait for long in case of any delay.

Bottom Line –

Follow all the above discussed safety measures before booking bus tickets online. Even, you should consider safety precautions while traveling on the bus to adapt the new normal post COVID-19 situation.

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